‘THE STORY’ series

I believe this new series  ‘THE STORY’ is one of a kind, that can change lives forever.

For those who are church goers, ‘THE STORY’ helps piece together bible events and people that make sense.  Now you will understand how it all fits together, and points towards the Christmas Story, and the Easter Story.

For those who just don’t ‘get’ the bible, all it’s mysterious stories, and why the need for the death and resurrection of Jesus … THE STORY series I believe will connect the dots for you.

Every Sunday morning at 10:30A Alliston Pentecostal Church is running THE STORY series from now until May 2016.  We start with a 12 minute video feed that ends with a real life application.  Any first time visitor to the service will be issued a complimentary THE STORY book.  Any children attending will be a part of THE STORY children’s edition in our children’s sanctuary.  Each week’s story will be the center of discussion for the entire family.

This is GOD’S STORY, and this is YOUR STORY.  It is where the ‘upper story’ and the ‘lower story’ intersect.  Come see for yourself how all this comes together in THE STORY series.

Pastor Wayne


When did we start believing that God wants to send us to safe places to do easy things?  That playing it safe is safe?  That radical is anything but normal?

Half way is no way to live.  If my Lord Jesus hung on the cross for me, the least I can do is carry the cross for Him.  There use to be a song I sang  ‘If Jesus is not Lord of all, then He is not Lord at all.’   the Gospel costs nothing, but it demands everything.

Now that I’m in my 50 (something), I am marking my days here on earth much more deliberately.  There is so much to do for my Lord, and time is running out.  Now more than ever before, God needs my EVERYTHING.  He needs YOUR EVERYTHING.

So what would this look like?  How do I get there?

I hope and pray that in the next few weeks, God will ignite a fire in our hearts to serve Him.


God will often use people and circumstances that arise against you, negative situations – to bring authentic progress in your life.  Paul said it in 2 Corinthians 4:17  ‘for our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all.

What this means is that all our afflictions or problems in life, no matter how horrible they seem, are not a big deal COMPARED to the payoff for facing and enduring them.

Someone once reminded me that ‘you will never be an exceptional person if you fight only ordinary battles’

In the sports arena, we know that ‘If you want to be No.1, you can’t just beat No.9’

For the next couple of weeks, I want to look at what God has to say regarding ‘being more than conquerors’ through Christ Jesus.  Hope you will either join us Sunday morning, or at least tune in to my audio message to study together this tremendous truth.

Pastor Wayne Lucas

Don’t let the devil steal your WORSHIP

Don’t you love the 18th book of of the Bible?  The book of Job?   What a book full of contrast and emotion.

It was Job’s custom to frequently offer sacrifices on behalf of his children.  Job was always praying and sacrificing over his children (animal sacrifices were the primary ways to worship in those days)

So why all the sacrificing?

*So that his sons might not be cursed before God!  Seriously, that is what he said!

Now here is where it gets interesting.  The very FIRST THING Satan touched in Job’s life was not his children, but HIS LIVESTOCK!

In the culture of the O.T., Satan had destroyed Job’s ability to worship when he took away the man’ herds of sacrificial animals.

It appears to me that it was only AFTER the devil took away Job’s ability to worship was Satan able to touch anything else in his life.

Here’s what I’m getting at…

Worship is the jugular vein of life in God’s kingdom.

*If Satan can stop your worship, then he will have access to anything else in your life.

The last chapter of Job – I notice an interesting thing.

God speaks to Job’s friends and tells them to bring some sacrificial animals to God for sacrifices, but God wanted JOB to pray over them.

In the very next verse following the act of sacrificial Worship, the bible says that ‘everything that Job had was restored and more.


*Once worship was restored, everything else was also restored!

*If Satan can stop you and me from worshiping, he will steal from you, your family, your job, your joy, your church…

Just started a sermon series about ‘WORSHIP’.  Take a listen on the website, and tell me what you think.

– Wayne


Missions is for Everyone is our theme for our upcoming MISSIONS SUNDAY, May 3, 2015.  9AM & 11AM

Three hundred, Seven, One.

Three Hundred is the number that represents a congregation who stood behind a missions mandate to help support the poor, hurting and needy in Cuba.  Three Hundred people gave shirts, pants, dresses, shoes, bed linen, pain relievers and a multitude of other essential items to help be distributed throughout communities in Cuba.  Three hundred gave financially to buy a roof, mattress, toilet, cistern, water pump, bicycle, etc for Pastors of small mission congregations in Cuba, so the work of the gospel might continue there.

Seven represents those who took a week off work, paid airfare and exorbitant transportation costs to travel to remote Baracoa region of eastern Cuba, into the mountains to be the feet and hands of Christ to a hungry people.  They didn’t go for the beaches, or pools, or relaxation.  Their 5 hour days entailed hiking up treacherous mountain terrain to visit hard to reach communities, with backpacks full of essential supplies.  Seven would help transform 24 churches, and countless lives affected through these missionary works.

One is the team member who on the side of a mountain road took the time to share the good news of Jesus’ love to five little children and a couple mothers.  One represents the mother who tearfully surrendered her life to Jesus in prayer that day.

Missions is for everyone.

Sunday, May 3 – at 9AM and 11AM the team will share testimonies of what God did that week in Cuba, and is continuing to do.  You won’t want to miss giving God all the praise.

Privileged to serve,

Pastor Wayne


I wanted to learn Spanish.  Seems simple enough, doesn’t it?  Get some books, put in the time, and learn another language.  Ya, easy for you to say.

I had just returned from my 14th trip to Cuba with a group of 10 people from the church.  We visited Pastors, Churches, a hospital, and presented the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  However, the language barrier always kept me feeling ‘out of the loop’.  I thank God for my translators, but there is a limit on how much you can communicate through the translation of another.  So, I bought Rosetta Stone Spanish teaching material, and with fervor began to learn the language.

I learned to count.  I learned the difference between a policeman, chef, jogger, swimmer, eggs, milk, and a bicycle.  That in a matter of weeks.  Then it began to happen.  Folk that needed counseling and spiritual mentoring needed more of my time.  Family needs required me giving my attention to it.  I came into a season of leadership meetings that required a lot of work, planning and follow up.  That coupled with I was having a real hard time retaining the information I already had learned in Spanish, and remembering that learning a second language came quite difficult for me.  After all, how could I forget getting a 52% in French in High School.  They passed me only because they didn’t want to see me another year.

I didn’t intend to quit – but it just happened.  I just never got back to learning Spanish.  And so it goes with other things we ‘humans’ do, then don’t do.  We start off with great zeal and good intentions, but something ‘cuts in’ on us, and we stop doing it.

Haggai, one of the 12 minor prophets of the Old Testament addresses this when people were zealous to build God’s house, but after a short time turned their efforts into building better homes, growing their agricultural and commerce, establishing schools – getting on with life.  The work of God stopped.

On April 19 & 26 I am going to invite Haggai to Alliston Pentecostal Church to give us that same message from God.  That it’s time to ‘Get back to Work’.  The house of God stands in disrepair, while ‘our lives; our getting much, if not all of our attention.  Hope you’ll come and welcome Haggai as the Hebrew people did 2500 years ago.  I also hope and pray we respond the same way they did two and a half millennial ago.  And who knows, maybe there is even hope that I may get back to Rosetta Stone, and learn some more Spanish.  But then again, I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you!

Pastor Wayne

Cuba Mission 2015

This Article will be appearing in the Alliston Herald Newspaper regarding the upcoming trip and need in Cuba.   Thank you Laura Gardham for writing this.

Alliston church collecting donations for Cuba mission


ALLISTON – Cuban residents are renown for being warm, friendly and welcoming to those who visit their country, but that doesn’t mean all is well in paradise. Alliston resident Laura Gardham has seen first-hand the challenges the people of the island nation face on a daily basis. Gardham, who has visited the country several times on charity missions, says you only see the real Cuba when you venture away from the sunny beaches and outside the tourist areas. “For us Canadians, it seems fun and cute to see the old ‘50s and early ‘60s vehicles, but for the Cuban people it’s not so cute to live in a country where the majority of people have no hope of affording an old vehicle, let alone something from this decade,” she said. During a previous trip, her group visited the city of Morón, which opened their eyes to how bad life is for most residents. “It’s third world conditions…everything was do dilapidated, there was garbage everywhere,” she said. Gardham and a small group from Alliston Pentecostal Church will be heading back to Cuba in April to give away money and essential items to residents who need them most. Gardham said the church has been making trips to Cuba for the past 14 years after Pastor Wayne Lucas made it a mission to help the people. “It was just something he felt compelled to do,” she said. For this trip they are heading into a remote area in the mountains, which will require a five-hour car ride outside of town, plus a three-kilometre hike. In order for the mission to be successful, the group is collecting donations. Gardham said cash is the best donation option, as it’s easiest to transport, and because a dollar can be stretched a long way in Cuba. For example, $20 can feed a family for four for a week, while $100 can purchase a drinking well. “It might be a little bit but it provides a whole community with a water source,” she said. And for those who are able to dig a little deeper into their wallet, for $240, she said a family can be supported for an entire year. Some of the most helpful items to donate include sheets, towels, dollar store reading glasses and children’s toys. The group also needs summer clothes for men, women and children, new undergarments, shoes, pain relievers like ibuprofen and Aspirin, and first-aid supplies. Instruments like guitars, accordions, tambourines and keyboards are also being collected. “Instruments bring a lot of joy to them, because they such a musical people,” she said. Donations clearly marked For Cuba can be dropped off until April 5 at The Attic on Victoria Street or at the Alliston Pentecostal Church on Highway 89 just east of Highway 50. Receipts can be issued for donations of a minimum of $20. For more information, call 705-435-7991. – See more at: http://m.simcoe.com/news-story/5474205-alliston-church-collecting-donations-for-cuba-mission/#sthash.jN8kcMCD.CJwMEWDI.dpuf